Nile Drip Products

Gate Valves


  • Size: DN50-DN600
  • Pressure: PN16
  • Body Materials: Ductile Iron GGG40, GGG50
  • Applicable Medium: Water etc

Valve design according to SABS 664 Face to face dimensions according to SABS 664 Standard flange drilling to EN 1092-2, ISO 7005-2 Hydraulic test according to EN 12266, ISO5208

1.The seal is designed with dustproof ring plus three “O”-seal ring, reliable sealing, on-line replaceable.
2.Both gate and aluminum bronze bearing are in inside design good self lubrication ,high strength and can have the aluminum bronze bearing replaced without need to replace the gate integrally, after a long time use.
3.Rubber wrapped gate anti-corrosion, good tightness.
4.Advanced surface treatment, coated with non-toxic epoxy resign static powder, anti-corrosion, pollution-free, can be used drinking water pipeline.
5.The body is designed without gate slot, the smooth passage will not get impurities filling up, more applicable for sewage working condition.
6.The integral seal works reliably. For the high pressure seal, leaving zero leakage under 1.5 times nominal pressure and, for the low pressure one, under 0.02Mpa.
Bolted Bonnet
Replaceable O-ring
Rubber encapsulated wedge, Brass Wedge Nut.
Fusion bonded epoxy coated inside and outside, blue RAL 5017 200 Micron think.
Working pressure from -1 to +16 bar and working temperature from -10 to +80℃

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