35 Years of quality and service

QC Department

Nile Drip is committed to providing high-quality products that meet global quality standards. The company strives to ensure that each product undergoes the best quality tests to ensure customer and user satisfaction. Among the tests conducted by Nile Drip on its products are:

-Tensile and Elongation test.
-Tear Resistance test.
-Puncture Resistance test.
-Seal Strergth test.
-Light Transmission and opacity test.
-Coefficient of Friction test.
-Offline Thickness measurement test.
-Falling Dart Impact test.
-IR Transmission test.
-Dccelerated meathering test.
-Melt Flow udex test.
-Carbon Black Dispersion test.
-Density test.
-E.S.CR: Environment stress Cracking Resistance test.
-Hydrostatic Pressure test.
-Carbon black Percentage test.
-Water Flow Rate test.
-Water absorbtion.
-Hydrostatic Pressure.
-Heat Retardation test.
-Methylene chloride resistance test.

جهاز اختبار نايل دريب IR بلاستيك الفيلم

There is also periodical test to our products at specialized laboratoeies such as national research center and the development center for plastic industries.

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