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Nile Drip UPVC Pipes

UPVC as a material is fairly durable, flexible and resistant to many harsh working conditions that can involve water, wastewater, chemicals, soil and water pressure. As a plastic, PVC is resistant to corrosion, rusting and the effects of weathering. While chemical handling and processing, PVC offers sufficient chemical strength and compatibility with many corrosives, strong and weak acids, weak bases as well as halide / brine solutions.The chlorine content of PVC pipe and fittings provides increased material resistance against chemical attack, degradation as well as fire, flame spread.

When compared to many metallic materials that are used for similar applications, products made from PVC are lightweight, easy to handle and exhibit less chemical reactivity. They also give a greater service life to cost ratio.

Nile Drip UPVC Pipes and Fittings are available in a vast range of diameters and in various class & pressure ratings. Whatever be the application, We have the Piping Systems, that can be installed on surface, buried under ground, slip lined, used in trench less technology, floating or submerged. Nile Drip PVC pipes can be used in Fluids transport including, lifting, transporting, conveying, distributing, disposing or tapping of water, Plumbing, waste-water (drainage & sewage), chemicals and hazardous wastes/effluents.In building air ventilation, PVC is often used in to run ductwork for HVAC, air conditioning and heating systems.

UPVC Pipes Pipes

اكسسوارات زي زراعي فيتنج

UPVC Plain End Pipe

مواسير يو بي في سي UPVC من انتاج نايل دريب

UPVC Pressure Pipes

مواسير يو بي في سي من انتاج مصنع نايل دريب

UPVC Plain End Pipe

UPVC Fittings

Union (Plain X female threaded)


اكسسوارات زي زراعي فيتنج

End Cap (Threaded)

Union (Plain X Male Threaded)

Female Threaded Adaptor

Combination Female Threaded Adaptor

Combination Male Threaded Adaptor 63 / 2

Male Threaded Adaptor 90 / 2

Elbow 45º

اكسسوارات زي زراعي فيتنج

Elbow 90º


اكسسوارات زي زراعي فيتنج

Service Saddle

اكسسوارات زي زراعي فيتنج

Flange Adaptor

End Cap

اكسسوارات زي زراعي فيتنج

Reducer Bush

Reducer Socket

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