Nile Drip Products

Agricultural Film

-Nile Drip Company is one of the most important companies working on manufacturing and meeting the needs of modern agriculture.

-The company produces agricultural film using the latest German machines in production with five-layer technology to ensure obtaining high mechanical properties in the film such as tensile strength, elongation, endurance and ensuring optimal distribution in addition to ensuring obtaining On the various specifications in the film such as optical properties, thermal properties, and so on.

-The machines are equipped with an automatic thickness adjustment device, which helps in regularizing the thickness of the film, and this ensures obtaining the required specifications at the lowest possible cost, because it makes the roll weight as low as possible.

-Using the latest raw materials in production from the largest raw materials manufacturing companies in the world and cooperating with them in all that is new in agricultural film in the world to implement it in Nile Drip films.

-The existence of a very high quality control system and an advanced laboratory to test the film to ensure that it conforms to the required specifications.

-The presence of a distinguished customer service department in order to provide after-sales service to customers to follow up on the status of products for customers every period.

-Nile Drip deals with the largest farms and agents in Egypt and the Arab world, and this reflects the extent of confidence in its products.

بلاستيك نايل دريب الفيلم الزراعي
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