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With its double grooved wing, it provides the opportunity to distribute the water more homogeneously. With its varied nozzle diameters, it provides different irrigation options according to the product and soil structure. With its nozzle patent design, the feature of different flow adjustment is ensured on a single nozzle.

1. With its closed spring installment, the spring is protected from external factors.
2. With its angle of 30° x 30° for water exit, the exposure to unfavorable weather conditions is minimized.
3. Thanks to the nozzles that can be dismantled by hand, the nozzles can be cleaned up easily.
4. For water tightness, oring system was used in the nozzles.
5. With patented nozzles, the feature of 4 different flow adjustment without changing nozzle.

In order to allow the sprinkler head to distribute the water homogenously and partially, it should be used in the following working pressure.

For the sprinkler heads with ½’’ male connection (small), the working pressure between 1.5 atm – 2.8 atm is suitable for the use.

For the sprinkler heads with ¾’’ male connection (big) the working pressure between 2 atm – 4 atm is suitable for the use.

The screw of the sprinkler head whose breaker is screwed should be positioned properly and not tightened till the end.

For water tightness; the sprinkler head should be assembled to the connecting apparatus with its own key.
The sprinkler head should not be exposed to the impacts during the transport.

In order to prevent the sprinkler head from being worn and deformed, it should be kept within a closed area at the end of the process.

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