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T-Tape Irrigaton Pipes


  • Diameter (mm): 16
  • THICKNESS (mm): 0.18 - 0.22
  • SPACE (mm): 250, 300, 375, 500
  • FLOW RATE (L/H): 2, 4, 6
  • EVEN DEGREE (%): 90
  • FILTER (meshes): 120
  • MAX. PAVING LENGTH (m): 80
  • LENGTH PER ROLL (m): up to 2000
خروك تي تاب من انتاج مصنع نايل دريب
  •  Can be widely used in the greenhouse, field crops (pave along rows).

– Thin tape wall, labyrinth runner and dripping holes are finished at one time, excellent performance.
– The labyrinth flow path is shaped at one-off vacuum hot pressure with high accuracy.
– Wide labyrinth runner, turbulent flow, many inlets and out lets high anti-blocking function.
– High-quality materials, excellent tensile properties, suitable for mechanical paving.
– Lightweight, easy operation and handling.
– The maximum paving length is 80 meters.
– Flow rate and outlet space can be made under actual needs.
– Water-dripping volume is even and consistence.
– Relatively low price, better for large-scale use.

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