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Self-Cleaning Suction Filter


  • Self-cleaning suction filter is designed to prevent foreign materials. It provides pre-system coarse filtering
  • Generally use for algae, rubbish and other foreign materials
  • Pump is connected to suction line and left inside water source
  • Manufactured between 3” and 12” with capacities of 70m3/h and 600 m3/h
  • Larger options are available upon request
  • Sources where water is acquired with a pump such as water channels, rivers, lakes, pools, etc. System is used before the pump.
  • Carbon steel, used as the suction filter, is manufactured from carbon steel and stainless steel. Selection is optional.
  • Many sieving levels can be used.
  • Does not require any additional throttle or check valve thanks to mounted throttle its inside.
  • Water leakage is prevented by spring throttle.
  • Non corrosive electrostatic dust paint enables long years of seamless use.
  • Elements of throttle body (caps, centering pin, spring, bolt) are manufactured from stainless steel. Does not require maintenance of spare parts. .
  • Pressurized water from pump outlet rotates the nozzles eliminating additional energy requirements.
  • Easily installed due to practicable mounting.
  • Therefore water filtering from coarse materials and pump prevented from occlusions and defects. Pump efficiency increases, reduced maintenance costs, and relieves the other filter systems.
  • When the pump starts to pull water, foreign objects such as algae, rubbish and other materials flow to the suction and held by the crom sieve.
  • During operation, system starts to act with the outlet pressure of the pump.
  • Pressurized water, coming from the nozzles on the system is sprayed outward like a curtain, to press the foreign objects around the sieve, to keep the chrome sieve frame clean.
  • This way rough objects are prevented and pumps is safe from clogging and failure.
  • Pump efficiency increase, maintenance costs decrease, making the filtration system operate more reliably.
  • Minimum working pressure is 2,5 bars (45 psi)
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