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Soil Disinfection Film

Nile Drip offers Solarization Plastic, an innovative product designed to enhance the effectiveness of solar soil sterilization in agriculture. This plastic is used to cover the soil, helping to eliminate pests, diseases, and harmful seeds by utilizing the sun’s heat.


  • Film Thickness: Ranges from 40 microns to 70 microns
  • Film Width: Up to 12 meters
  • Film Length: According to customer requirements
  • Film color: Clear
  • Soil Solarization: Used to cover soil in agricultural fields to sterilize it and eliminate agricultural pests and diseases.
  • Improving Soil Quality: Helps improve soil fertility and quality by eradicating pathogens and harmful seeds.
  • Gardens and Nurseries: Can be used in gardens and nurseries for effective soil sterilization before planting crops and seedlings.

Features of Nile Drip Solarization Plastic:

    1. High-Quality Materials: Made from durable and strong materials that withstand harsh environmental conditions and ensure long-lasting performance.
    2. High Transparency: Ensures effective penetration of sunlight into the soil, increasing soil temperature and enhancing the sterilization process.
    3. UV Resistance: Features high resistance to UV rays, prolonging the lifespan of the plastic and maintaining its effectiveness over time.
    4. Flexibility and Easy Installation: Highly flexible, making it easy to install and transport, saving time and effort.
    5. Eco-Friendly: Made from biodegradable materials, making it an environmentally sustainable choice.


  • Effective Sterilization: Helps eliminate pests, diseases, and harmful seeds effectively by utilizing the sun’s heat.
  • Improved Crop Productivity: Enhances soil quality and increases crop productivity.
  • Cost Savings on Pesticides: Reduces the need for chemical pesticides, saving costs and preserving the environment.
  • Sustainable Protection: Promotes environmental sustainability by reducing the use of chemicals and improving soil quality.

Nile Drip’s Solarization Plastic is an ideal choice for farmers, nurseries, and agricultural projects, combining high

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