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Hydrocyclone Sand Separator


  • The filter type accumulate heavier particless Specific gravity of the water contained in the water at the lower compartment
  • This filter type sieves particles, specific weight of which is less than water (such as sand, schist, etc.) and collects those at lower compartment
  • Dispersion actions of hydrocyclone are related to facts such as hydrocyclone size, design parameters, flow rate and size or amount of particles
  • Manufactured between 3” and 12” with capacities of 70m3/h and 600 m3/h
  • Success of hyrdocydone operation is related between flow rate and velocity of the water passing through
  • An efficient filtration shall be provided with a correct balance with flow rate and velocity of the water
  • Different inlet flow rate and dimension ratios for different dimensions are provided with several R&D studies, for acquiring a filtration quality which can sieve even the most minimal elements
  • Sand and other heavy material particles entering through hydro cyclone input; rotates inside the cylinder-shaped hydro cyclone body with a certain speed, providing a centrifugal force. This force enables dust and other heavy particle materials to fall towards the bottom, to the dust collection compartment. Water, which is cleaned of heavy particles thanks to centrifugal force, is conveyed of the system. Sands and other heavy particles are cleaned with ball valve operation.
  • These values are acquired from inlet and outlet sections of hydro cyclones. Manifold is for friction losses.
  • Filtration quality is decreased without a certain amount of friction loss in hydro cyclone.
  • Hydrocyclones with higher friction losses provide better filtration.
  • If the flow rate is variable, then the products shall be selected according to the highest flow rate. .
  • Blue flow rates are suggested according to our detailed tests on on the side of the flow rate and friction Tab.
  • Used to filter dust and heavy particles with more than 1 gr/cm3 specific gravity.
  • We conduct our tests by means of sea sand in our region.
  • Our hyrdocydone filters provide an efficiency between 95% and 98% according to our tests.
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