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HDPE Pipes


  • Diameter Range (mm): from 25 up to 75
  • The hose is manufactured from high-density polyethylene
  • It is characterized by its ability to resist chemicals
  • It is used in drinking and irrigation water pipes. It is also characterized by its high flexibility, which makes it easy to use and install
  • The hose characterized by the possibility of using it under the surface of the soil, as it is characterized by its ability to resist soil pressure
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  • Suitable to use with submersible pump, jet pump, mono block / centrifugal pump.
  • Pump suction & delivery pipes.
  • Pumping main & distribution lines.
  • Lift & gravity irrigation.
  • Drip & sprinkler irrigation systems.
  • HDPE Coils, single straight length without joints, reduces frictional head loss.
  • Coils installed do not get affected due to extreme weather conditions.
  • Pipes are not affected by UV-rays.
  • HDPE coil pipes are safe for potable waterconveyance.
  • Light weight, easy to handle, transport & install.
  • Lowering and removal of pump for maintenance made easy & fast.
  • Available with factory fitted pump connector.
  • Smooth inner wall, no scale build-up, no erosion.
  • Efficient pumping – energy saving up to 20%.
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