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Greenhouse Covering


  • Film Thickness: from 50 microns to 200 microns
  • Film Width: up to 14 meters
  • Film Length: as per customer request
  • Technical specifications: according to customer requirements
  • Greenhouses: Used for covering greenhouses to protect crops from weather elements and provide an optimal growing environment.
  • Nurseries: Helps protect seedlings and young plants from harsh environmental conditions.
  • Protected Agriculture: Ideal for agricultural projects that rely on protected cultivation to achieve higher productivity and better crop quality.

Features of Nile Drip Greenhouse Cover Plastic:

    1. High-Quality Materials: Made from strong and durable materials that resist tearing and withstand harsh weather conditions.
    2. High Transparency: Ensures efficient entry of natural light, enhancing photosynthesis and plant growth.
    3. UV Protection: Provides effective protection from harmful UV rays, safeguarding plants and extending the lifespan of the plastic.
    4. Excellent Thermal Insulation: Helps maintain optimal temperatures inside the greenhouse, reducing temperature fluctuations and providing a stable growing environment.

Easy Installation: Lightweight and easy to install, saving time and effort in the covering process.


  • Protects crops from wind, rain, and frost.
  • Improves crop quality and growth through controlled internal environment.
  • Reduces heating and cooling costs thanks to excellent thermal insulation.
  • Increases agricultural productivity by providing a stable and protected growing environment.

Nile Drip’s Greenhouse Cover Plastic is an ideal choice for farmers, nurseries, and both large and small agricultural projects, combining high quality, efficiency in crop protection, and environmental care.


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