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Non-Pressure Compensating Pipes


  • Diameter Range (mm): from 16 up to 75
  • pure raw polyethelene material
  • Treated with UV stabilizer
  • Open field application to maintain high field application efficiency.
  • Recommended for Greenhouse application.
  • Irrigation of large fields & long rows.
  • Low operating pressure. 1bar

Nile Drip Dripper (Non pc)

It is a compact, non-pressure point that is characterized by its high resistance to clogging. It was designed specifically for well water, where the water path is designed with a maze with long passages to give the points the maximum degree of resistance to clogging.

– The points work to regulate the flow through its openings with a tolerance ratio < 5.0.

The effective design of the dripper allows a long water path while maintaining an economical size of the dripper.

– High resistance to clogging, as both the long passages and the large overlapping sectors in the dripper design work to allow sediments to gradually pass through the surface of the passages without clogging the dripper.



Recommended Working Pressure 1.0 Bar


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