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Blue Line Pipes


  • Color: Black With Blue Line
  • Non-Pressure Control Pipes
  • Diameter Range (mm): from 16 up to 75
  • pure raw polyethelene material
  • Treated with UV stabilizer
خراطيم نايل دريب Nile drip irrigation pipes
  • Ideal for irrigation of trees outer emitter
  • Suitable for surface irrigation.
  • Open field application to maintain high field application efficiency.
  • Integral, Cylindrical, Pressure Compensating Dripline
    State-of-the-art cylindrical PC (Pressure Compensating) dripper ensures highest durability and excellent performance.
    Precision Pressure Compensation
    Injection moulded silicone diaphragm ensures precision in pressure compensation helps to maintain high discharge uniformity with diverse water qualities, chemicals and fertilizers.
    Individual Double Filter
    Individual double filter and flushing mechanism for maximal clog resistance and self-cleaning.
    Dynamic Self Cleaning mechanism
    Dynamic movement of diaphragm retracts dynamically to throw away particles which are blocking the emitter.
    Multiple Outlet Holes
    Precision multiple outlets breaks vacuum, prevents sand suction.
    Marked with Two Parallel White Stripes ‘Twin – Line® ’
    Symbol of quality. It also helps to ensure upright positioning of the dripper.
    Stringent Quality Control
    Each batch is tested for stringent quality parameter. Conforming to Indian standard IS 13488:2008 and international standard ISO 9261.
    Flexibility in color selection
    Black-for agriculture,
    Brown-for landscape application,
    White-for greenhouse application,
    Purple-for reclaimed water application.

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