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Adjustable Flow Dripper


  • Turn cap to adjust flow
  • Flow rate from 0-50 L/h @ 100 kPa
  • Multiple stream trickler applies water over a larger area
  • For orchards and vineyards, greenhouses, nurseries, landscape etc.
  • Recommended to use in problematic water condition where opening and cleaning of the emitter is needed.
  • Take Apart, Turbulent Flow, Online Emitter
    Offers ease in maintenance and inspection.
    Barbed Inlet with Narrow Cross Shaped Inlet Filter
    Barbed inlet suitable to connect directly on 4 mm extension tube or can be punched on polytube. Cross shaped inlet filters prevents entrance of most of the impurities
    Proven Performance
    Wide cross sectional area makes the dripper clog resistant.
    Quality Comes First
    Each batch passes through stringent quality tests to ensure efficient and trouble free performance for long period. Conforming to Indian Standard IS 13487 and International Standard ISO 9260.
    Color Coded Cap
    Color coded cap facilitates easy identification of emitter flow rate
    No Environmental and Chemical Effects
    UV stabilized does not have any environmental effects. Resistant to chemicals used in agriculture.

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