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Pressure Gauge

Drip irrigation is the need of today because water – the gift of nature to mankind is not unlimited and free forever. The world’s water resources are rapidly dwindling. The only answer to this problem is Nile Drip Modern Irrigation Technology, the name you can trust, the only manufacturer of all drip irrigation components.

After a detailed study of the interrelationship between soil, water, crops, land topography and related agro-climatic conditions, Nile Drip designed a suitable and cost-effective system for delivering a measured amount of water into the root zone of each plant at regular intervals. This is to ensure that the plants do not experience under- or over-watered stress or stress. The installed system is field operated and trained on farms, followed by regular after-sales services.

The result – a fully customized, efficient, long-life system that guarantees water savings, early maturity and bountiful harvests, season after season, year after year. Apart from all this, savings were achieved in labor and fertilizer costs.

عداد المياه من نايل

Pressure gauge

عداد المياه من نايل دريب

J-Pressure Gauge

عداد مياه نايل دريب

ACRV Pressure Gauge

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